Follicular Unit Extraction

Follicular Unit Extraction

Hair transplantation is a rapidly developing field of cosmetic medicine, and the most advanced treatment available today is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). This is also the treatment recommended by Kliniek Veldhoven for anyone suffering from hair loss problems. This technique has attracted a great deal of media attention, but you probably don’t know anyone in your area who has experienced the procedure. FUE involves the transplantation of hair roots using a tiny, specially designed micro-needle. The hair transplanted is taken from the back of the patient’s head. While it is labour intensive, FUE is also extremely accurate – allowing our medical team to transplant hair without resort to sutures or incisions.

The procedure is virtually painless, and healing is normally complete within a week of surgery taking place. FUE does not involve the removal of any scalp tissue, which means that as a result no bands of scar tissue remain after the procedure has been carried out (unlike the previous FUT treatment). Instead, the scalp remains intact and roots are removed one-by-one by hand from the back or sides of the head under local anaesthetic. This leaves small wounds which heal very rapidly, leaving just a few microscopic scars which look like dots. These scars are not generally visible to the naked eye.

The FUE hair transplant method

FUE techniques are carried out under a local anaesthetic. The treatment, which is almost painless, starts by practitioners carrying out a full cleaning of the scalp. Between 10 and 15 minutes afterwards, medical staff remove follicle units individually, a part of the FUE process which can last for a few hours. This depends on how many transplants are required. Next, clients are provided with a lunchtime meal and a break. All the while, medical staff monitors the patients and prepare the donors hair follicles.

After the lunch break, clients return to the treatment table. Another anaesthetic is administered and tiny holes are made in the scalp using a micro-needle. The harvested follicles are then transplanted into these holes with painstaking precision. Tightly held in place, the grafted follicles guarantee a natural looking result which to the naked eye appears indistinguishable from normal hair.

Stick and place

The final part FUE process usually involves between 50 and 100 grafts using the “stick and place” technique. This section ensures a totally natural look to the client’s hair. Specialists pay close attention to the entirety of the scalp, trying to achieve a balanced distribution of hair follicles, with particular focus on the hairline. This “finishing” part is vital to a successful aesthetic result.

After the treatment

When the treatment is complete, clients are provided with information produced specifically for their surgery as well as hair stimulating products. For best healing and hair regrowth, avoiding physical exercise for between 1 and 3 weeks is also recommended. Normal social life can generally be resumed after 10 days. Repeat consultations are carried out after approximately 14 days, then between 4 and 12 months to check progress in hair growth.

The End Result

After around 12 to 14 months, the end result can be seen. The success of the FUE process relies heavily on the skill and experience of the medical team and, in particular, the surgeon involved. Equally significant is the density and aesthetic design of the hairline (with a focus on the number of grafts per square centimetre).

Benefits FUE treatment:

  • The FUE procedure is smoothly organised, rapidly executed and healing is almost painless, making for a quick recovery.
  • Inflammation is rare and mild if it does occur. Generally, any swelling with last for only 5 days or so.
  • Scarring is barely visible. This is because follicles are removed one-by-one from the donor area, minimizing the size of scarring resulting from FUE treatment.
  • Complications are rare. This is ensured by using microsurgery tools with a size of 0.6-0.9 mm. Across the world, there have been no documented cases where permanent damage or other serious complications have resulted from a FUE hair transplant.
  • We provide a lifetime warranty for the end result, which guarantees a natural growth.
  • The procedure is appropriate for both men and women, with specialists available to advise about aesthetic results before the treatment begins.
  • The size of the transplanted area can be tailored for the specific needs of each customer.
  • Treatment: This is an outpatient procedure in general, meaning that surgical procedures are avoided.

Disadvantages of FUE treatment:

  • Time and price: The treatment lasts a long time and takes a lot of work, meaning that it can be expensive.
  • At the point of transplantation when between 750 and 1000 grafts are made, the hair needs to be shaved to a length of around 3mm in most cases.

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