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Hair transplant clinic – Kliniek Veldhoven

Kliniek Veldhoven is a private clinic that specialises in hair transplantation. Since 2005 we have successfully served clients using the FUE hair transplant technique, commonly called the follicular unit extraction method. With our advanced hair transplantation technique we can implant hair at the hairline, the crown, and even the eyebrows. So that we can offer our clients a comprehensive range of hair solutions we also assist clients with hair loss prevention. During your first consultation we will discuss a variety of hair loss prevention methods, in addition to techniques for hair transplantation. If the process of hair loss is not complete it can hinder the quality of successful hair transplantation; with this in mind we offer our clients informative advice to prevent further hair loss. In order to prevent further progression of your hair loss, we augment your hair transplant with the newest and/or scientifically approved medicines.

Our goal is clear and specific: We use the latest innovations in this unique field of surgery and its directly related medical aesthetics to assist you with your hair problems. Our dedicated team, which includes a plastic surgeon and specialised hair technicians, work together to achieve optimal results in which the client remains central. To ensure that the client receives the very best treatment, we serve just one client per day and carry this treatment into a second day if necessary.

Quality always goes over quantity!

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